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Home Remedies For Sinus Congestion

Home Remedies For Sinus Congestion


There are four of pairs of sinus passageways in the skull which all have an opening in the nose. When one or more of these passages get blocked, sinus congestion takes place. The nose and the sinus passages are covered with one continuous mucous membrane and when the tissues in this membrane get irritated or inflamed the openings get obstructed. Sometimes one of the small bones of the nose gets deviated and it blocks the pathway. Sinus congestion mostly occurs due to viral and bacterial infections, common cold, air pollution, allergies and mucous secretion. It leads to heaviness in the head, pain in the area above the eyebrows, dry cough, stuffy nose, bad breath and discharge of thick yellow or green mucous. If this condition is not taken care of, it can lead to sinusitis and other infections of the respiratory tract.

Jala Neti

Jala neti means cleaning with water. This is a very old technique used to flush out the nasal cavities. Take half a litre of water and dissolve one teaspoon of salt into it. Fill a neti pot with this water. Put the nose cone to your right nostril and let the water flow into it. Then turn your head a little sideways so that the left nostril is its lowest point and the water starts running out of it. Do the same with the left nostril. When the salty water enters the cavities thorough one nostril it rinses them thoroughly and comes out with all the impurities like mucous and germs through the second nostril. Use this remedy once every morning. You should clean the neti pot after every use and dry it in the air.


A humidifier eases chest congestion and opens up the blocked nasal pathways. It prevents the mucous from accumulating and keeps it flowing in the nasal passages. Put the humidifier in an enclosed area and breathe in deeply the soothing vapors.

Hot Compress

Heat some water and put it in a bowl. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to it. Dip a clean towel in this solution and squeeze out the excess water. Place the hot towel on your nose, face and forehead and inhale the hot steam released by it. When the towel loses its heat, dip it again in the water and repeat the process. The moisture will remove the feeling of pain and ease the congestion. The blocked passages will open and you will experience great relief.

Tomato Tea

Tomato is full of antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It is very effective in curing colds and in clearing sinus congestion. Boil two fresh tomatoes in three cups of water. Add two cloves of crushed garlic and six or seven crushed pepper corns. Boil for ten minutes. Mash the tomatoes thoroughly in the water and strain the mixture. Heat the clear tea and add some salt. Drink it hot, sip by sip. Let it stay in the throat for a few seconds before swallowing. The heaviness in your head will vanish, and your breathing will become much easier. The mucous will thin down and easily escape through the nose.

Spicy Foods

Eat foods with lots of spices and cayenne pepper in it. The spices help in opening up the blocked passages and in thinning the mucous and cause it to flow easily.

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