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About Hepatitis And Its Treatment In Ayurveda

About Hepatitis and its treatment in Ayurveda

Hepatitis is the virus infection of the liver. The liver filters the toxins and chemicals from the blood. Hepatitis exists when there is a group attack of viruses to the liver. Ayurveda plays a major role in treating with the Hepatitis problem. We provide the best ayurvedic treatment for hepatitis.

Types of Hepatitis:

• Hepatitis A
• Hepatitis B
• Hepatitis C
• Hepatitis D
• Hepatitis E

Hepatitis is acute when it lasts less than six months and Hepatitis is chronic when it persists for a long time. Some types of Hepatitis will pass over without giving any serious harm to the liver and in some cases, the liver can be damage means they can lead to liver failure.


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How to Know About Your Kidney Failure

How to Know About Your Kidney Failure

About Kidneys:

Our kidneys are a pair of organs located near our lower back in our body. Their main function is to filter the blood and remove the toxins from the body making our body healthy. Kidneys also make hormones, which helps in making red blood cells in the bone marrow and gives the strength to the bones.

If the kidneys will be unable to remove the waste from our body, then that waste that has been not removed can cause a chemical in the body, which can fatal in the body creating kidney disease problem more worst.


Ayurveda For HIV Treatment

Ayurveda For HIV Treatment

Ayurveda is the ancient science of life and the world’s oldest holistic medical system for curing various diseases. Ayurveda gives the best medicine for treating the HIV problem.

HIV also termed as Human immunodeficiency virus becomes the major disease of the present time affecting millions of people around the world.

HIV belongs to a family of viruses known as retroviruses. When HIV viruses enter the white cell in our body, they affect our DNA spreading the infection in our body. In other words, we can say this virus attacks the T-cells in the immune system.

HIV problem affects the immune system of our body, making people weaker creating an infection in their body.


Find the Best Kidney Failure Treatment in Ayurveda

Find the best Kidney failure treatment in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient study of treating the various diseases with the help of Ayurveda medicines. The Ayurveda herbs that are used for treating the diseases in Ayurveda are totally effective and natural.

Principles of Ayurveda

Ayurvedic principles include the practice of health care that determines one’s physical or mental condition.
The physiology in Ayurveda medicine is very special since it depends on the three doshas of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Ayurveda has evolved over the 5000 years and is now integrated with other traditional practices, including yoga. Ayurveda Treatment is the best practice for treating the various diseases and cures them of the root.


Kidney Stone Disease – Symptoms,causes and treatment in Ayurveda

Kidney Stone Disease Symptoms,causes and treatment in Ayurveda


Kidney Stone is also called renal lithiasis are hard deposits made up of salt and minerals that form inside the kidney.  Usually, kidney stone originates inside the kidney, but it may also develop around the urinary tract which consists of the following parts:

  • Urethra
  • bladder
  • ureters
  • Kidney

Kidney stones are considered to be one of the most painful condition. The reason for kidney stone may vary according to the type of stone.


A Complete Guide On Fatty Liver

A Complete Guide On Fatty Liver
What Is Fatty Liver Disease?

Fatty liver disease means you have extra fat in your liver.

Heavy drinking puts you at risk for it. Over time, too much alcohol leads to a buildup of fat inside your liver cells. This makes it harder for your liver to work.

But you can get fatty liver disease, even if you don’t drink a lot of alcohol.

Alcoholic hepatitis. This is swelling in the liver that can cause fever, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and jaundice(yellowish skin and eyes).

Alcoholic cirrhosis. This is a buildup of scar tissue in your liver. It can cause the same symptoms as alcoholic hepatitis plus:

  • High blood pressure in the liver
  • Bleeding in your body
  • Confusion and changes in behavior
  • Enlarged spleen
  • Liver failure, which can be fatal


Chronic Kidney Disease – Symptoms, causes and treatment in Ayurveda

Chronic Kidney Disease Symptoms, causes and treatment in Ayurveda


Chronic kidney disease is gradual damage of kidney over a period of time. This problem can get worse with time. Eventually, chronic kidney disease may lead to permanent damage to kidneys. Kidneys are important organs of the body that filter wastes & fluids from your blood. However, due to chronic kidney disease, it execrates these substances from urine. In the beginning stage, this problem does not cause any serious damage but when this disease reaches an advanced level dangerous levels of fluid, electrolytes and wastes can build up in your body.


Liver Cirrhosis Cause, Symptoms, Treatment in Ayurveda


Introduction to liver cirrhosis

Liver cirhossis is considered to be a complicated liver disease that involves the loss of liver cells and immutable scarring of the liver.

The liver is an important organ of your body. It is responsible for carrying out various necessary functions including cleansing the blood, detoxifying harmful substances and making vital nutrients.

Cirrhosis problem occurs when the liver tries to repair itself every time any damage occurs to the liver. And in the process scar tissue forms. With the formation of more scar tissues, it becomes extremely hard for the liver to function.

The chronic alcoholism and conditions such as hepatitis are held responsible for this problem.


Lichen Planus Pigmentosus Causes & Cure

Lichen Planus Pigmentosus is a type of skin disease in which brown patches or macules will be found on patient’s body that can be found mainly on the parts of the body that are directly in contact with the sunlight. Basically, forehead, neck, and face are the body parts that are in contact of the sun but Lichen Planus Pigmentosus can also be found on the skin of various body parts that rub with other body parts. The symptoms of LLP are not permanent as they have remission effect that sometimes they show and sometimes they vanish.


Kidney Failure Treatment in Ayurveda

Kidney Failure Treatment in Ayurveda

Nowadays, Kidney problems are seen in people of all the ages. Kidney Failure is considered as the last stage of kidney disease or renal inefficiency which is fatal for personal health. Kidney diseases if not treated on time, will lead to an increase in toxic in the body which will harm the other organs of the body at the later stage. The following are treated as the main cause of Kidney failure Diabetes, High blood pressure, and Genetic Diseases. If these are not treated on time it will lead to kidney failure. To recover from such disease time is an essence to advance into later stages.


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