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Daily Archives: November 6, 2019

Ayurvedic Treatment to Lower Creatinine with Uses & Benefits

ayurvedic treatment of kidney failure


CREATININE, which is now days commonly diagnosed. First, we should know what CREATININE is. It is a substance that is naturally found in our muscle cells or we can also say a chemical waste molecule generated from the muscles. These cells produce energy during our gym workouts, weight lifting or ant type of high-intensity workouts. Many athletics and body builders take creatinine as a supplement also just to improve their muscle strength and stamina to perform heavy lifting. Our entire body needs this substance but the main parts which make use of creatinine are heart and the muscles. Our body had the tendency to produce two gms of creatinine per day. It is mainly transported through the bloodstreams to kidneys and then kidneys lifter most if it and then dispose of it through urine.

kidney ayurvedic treatment


Kidneys play a vital role in balancing the normal range of creatinine in our bodies. As our kidney starts abnormal functioning, it results in bringing the level of creatinine on the higher side. It may be commonly seen in the patients having one kidney, or any condition that impairs the function of the kidney will raise the level of creatinine in the blood. Sometimes creatinine supplements can also be a cause of high creatinine levels.

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