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7 Tips to Cure Gout Pain

7 Tips to Cure Gout Pain

Gout pain is very painful and it can be unbearable to the level that a person loses his consciousness due to its pain. Many people are suffering from gout pain and they tend to look for solutions for this disease online and we have come up with the 7 most powerful tips that will let you know how to treat gout pain with Ayurveda.

Just follow our following 7 Tips to Cure Gout Pain:

1. Drink More Water:

Water is very necessary for the human body and it is also useful in lowering the uric acid production in the human body and we all know that uric acid is the main cause of gout pain. So drinking more water daily can prevent gout pain or gout attacks in the human body. Additionally, water purifies the human body by eliminating impurities out of the body and help to reduce uric acid. It is suggested that a person should intake a minimum of 1.5 litre water on a daily basis.

2. Stop intake of trigger foods:

Trigger foods mean the food that triggers the production of uric acid on a human body and causes gout pain. It is very important for every person that he should intake the food that is less problematic for his body. Alcohol is the most injurious for the human body as it can interfere with various processes in the human body that can increase the uric acid level in the human body. There are other foods like anchovies, organ meats, legumes, spinach, and sardines can increase uric acid hence these should be avoided.

3. Sit down when you get gout attack:

You must sit down and relax whenever you feel pain gout pain in your joints. A sometimes person tries to act stronger and power through the gout pain but it can easily increase the damage to your joints and your joints can be more inflamed. The best way is to relax when you get gout pain because it is the only source that can help in lowering the after effects of gout pain like inflammation and weakness in joints. So always try to relax in such a situation and keep yourself motivated.

4. Loose Excessive Weight:

You need to lose your excess body weight because excess weight can increase uric acid in the human body. Losing weight can lower the count of gout attacks and even help you eliminating gout out of your body. Excessive body weight is the main cause of more uric acid production inside your body hence you should try to lose excess weight to reduce the gout attacks. Fat people are more affected by joint pain diseases than the thin people hence you are advised to cure your gout pain attacks disease by lowering excessive body fat.

5. Avoid Acidic foods:

You consume several foods on a daily basis that can be acidic and increase uric acid inside your body which further leads to gout pain attacks. Doctors also suggest to the patients to lower or even totally stop the consumption of these types of foods. Acidic food will produce more acid which will require to be eliminated from the body but the human body is not capable to eliminate the more amount of uric acid out of the body. The acidic foods include caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, refined carbohydrates, and refined sugars so one should avoid intake of these foods.

6. Eat Certain Foods:

One should eat certain foods that help in lowering body fat and lowering uric acid production in the human body. Some foods have the qualities to eliminate body fat and also uric acid that can be useful in curing gout pain. Certain vegetables, fruits, and grains are very useful to treat gout pain that includes Apple, Broccoli, Cucumber, Eggplant, Mushrooms, Pears, Melons, etc. These fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients that help your body remain toned and fit and it also helps in reducing uric acid production and enhance the uric acid elimination process inside the human body.

7. Use Ayurvedic Herbs:

Ayurveda has cure for all diseases and so as for gout pain and gout attacks. There are many herbs available that reduce body fat and keep a person healthy and fit. Ayurvedic herbs for gout pain can control the amount of uric acid production inside the human body and it can also help in eliminating the excess uric acid to lower the risk of having gout pain disease. You can easily find many Ayurveda medicines that will empower your body to maintain the uric acid level in order to avoid gout pain disease.

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