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10 factor for kidney failure causes and cure

10 factor for kidney failure causes and cure

There are many health causes that harm your kidney day by day slowly and you might not be able to judge that your kidney is getting damaged by such illness inside your body. The basic work of the kidney is to filter the blood and if your kidneys are damaged then they won’t be able to do their job in the right manner which leads to kidney failure. Kidney failure is the last state of kidney damages where the kidney stops working and it can lead to the death of a person. There are several causes of kidney failure and we are going to tell you about the top 10 most kidney failure causes and their cures so that you can avoid such disease:

1.Autoimmune Diseases: Immunity system of the body protects the human body from illness and infections but in a person with the autoimmune disease the immunity system harms the healthy cells. It can affect many activities of the body incorporating some of the kidney activities. Lupus and IgA Nephropathy are examples of some autoimmune diseases. Slowing down the immunity system may help in such diseases.

2.Genetic Diseases: There are some kidney diseases that you can inherit from your ancestors such as polycystic kidney disease. This disease increases the cysts into your kidney which enlarges the size of the kidney and makes your kidneys work slow.

3.Nephrotic Syndrome: This is a disease in which the kidney lets an important protein name albumin go through its filters to the urine. This illness enlarges the holes of blood vessels so the kidney leaks the albumin protein. It harms the productivity of kidneys which can lead to kidney failure. To cure such disease one must control other diseases which cause this disease.

4.Urinary tract problems: Urinary tract problems include the infection in upper urinary which causes your kidney to work improperly. These infections stop kidneys from doing their work and this put extra stress on kidneys. One must acquire proper medication to cure urinary tract infection so that your kidney could work properly.

5.Heart Attack: Heart attack and kidney diseases go together as if the heart is not pumping the blood in the right manner then kidneys won’t get enough blood to filter. Lack of blood flow tightens the holes in blood vessels and blood filtration is harmed in the process. Keep your heart healthy to prevent kidney diseases.

6.Illegal drug use and drug abuse: Many drugs have the harmful effects of various parts of the body. Some illegal drugs can affect the performance of your kidneys which may lead to kidney failure in the future. Avoid taking drugs that are illegal.

7. Low Blood Flow to the Kidneys: If kidneys don’t get enough blood to work with then with the time they tend to get damaged. Not getting enough blood to filter can make the blood vessels junky which may cause kidney failure.

8. Diabetes: This illness increases the thickness of the blood and it hardens the job of kidneys to filter the thick blood. This leads to enlarging of the holes from which some important proteins could be passed through. Diabetes is a bigger reason for kidney failure in these days. Control diabetes to prevent kidney failure.

9. High Blood Pressure: Due to high blood pressure kidneys have to work more than they need to. This damages the blood vessels and causes kidney failure.

10.Excessive Protein in Blood: The excessive protein in the blood can also make your kidney work more than they are made for and this leads to kidneys filter more blood. Use proper diet to stay fit.

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