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Amavata : An Ayurvedic Approach



Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the commonest joint disorder with varied clinical signs and symptoms involving multiple joints at various sites. Presently, the non-Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are the mainstay in this condition; however, they have serious adverse effects and have limitations for a long-term, therapy. NSAIDs temporarily control pain and possibility of further damage to joint increases, whereas the root cause remains un-attended. The immunosuppressive drugs are reserved for selected cases, while the disease modifying drugs are reserved for selected cases, while the disease modifying drugs like gold-salts are costly and are known to cause hepato-renal retention causing toxicity. Hence, there is a need for drugs having predictable efficacy with low toxic profile in this debilitating.

What is Ama?

Ama is the toxic material caused due to weakening of the digestive fire (i.e.’Mandagni’) in the alimentary system, which leads to poor digestion and stagnation of undigested food material. ‘Ama’ and ‘vata’ travels all along the body and finds convenient places such as joints, which is the seal of ‘Kapha’ and deposits itself there, causing imbalance of ‘Kapha’. ‘Kapha’ is the basic element responsible for strengthening the body and also provides lubrication to joints. As this process continues, all the joints are gradully affected resulting in excruciating pain, swelling, and morning stiffness of joints resembling arthritis. when ‘pitta’ also gets aggravated, it causes severe burning sensation around the joints and later causes deformities. Osteoarthritis is termed as ‘Sandhi-gata-vata’ in Ayurveda. As age advances, degenerative changes are likely to develop in majority of people. Degeneration of skeletal system is one of the major problems. Degeneration is mainly due to ageing (oxidative damage). It is a known fact that one cannot reverse age with any treatment. With the help of anti-oxidants, we can slightly improve the quality of life by preventing the tissues damage and delay the ageing process.

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