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10 powerful herbs for low sperm count

10 Powerful Herbs for Low Sperm Count

In today’s hectic life no one gets the chance to take care of one’s health hence there are a number of diseases that have screwed people into their jaws. Low sperm count in men is commonly found disease about which a man hesitates to speak about that lower his confidence in daily life. When a man is unable to produce enough amounts of sperms due to various reasons like long illness, physical weakness, and trauma and also in metal cases then the disease is called oligospermia.

Oligospermia is a state of your sexual health where you are unable to hold a hard erection and produce the right amount of sperms at the time of ejaculation. If you are one of those men who is suffering from this disease then you don’t need to worry about this situation anymore. With the availability of the number of herbs that can cure low sperm count disease in men, Ayurveda has the treatment for oligospermia. Here are 10 powerful herbs for low sperm count that have the best effects on man’s producing power. You can go for the best Ayurvedic Treatment for Low Sperm Count and manage your sexual life according to yourself.

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Way to Increase Sperm Count

Increase Sperm Count


Alcohol consumption and smoking affect the liver and cause a dramatic rise in oestrogen levels. This results in low sperm count

Keep your weight in check as weight increase causes hormonal imbalances which in turn reduce testosterone levels in males. Exercise regularly and stay fit.

Massaging the body with oil, a technique known as Abhayanga in Ayurveda, increases blood circulation and sperm count. Abhayanga decreases aging, boosts health and increases the libido.

Avoid prolonged use of laptops, hot baths, tight fitting underpants, bicycling and any activity that can raise scrotal temperatures.

Reduce stress by meditation and relaxation.

Restrict masturbation and frequent sex, as continual ejaculations reduce the density of the semen.

Don’t use very tight undergarments.

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