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About Hepatitis And Its Treatment In Ayurveda

About Hepatitis and its treatment in Ayurveda

Hepatitis is the virus infection of the liver. The liver filters the toxins and chemicals from the blood. Hepatitis exists when there is a group attack of viruses to the liver. Ayurveda plays a major role in treating with the Hepatitis problem. We provide the best ayurvedic treatment for hepatitis.

Types of Hepatitis:

• Hepatitis A
• Hepatitis B
• Hepatitis C
• Hepatitis D
• Hepatitis E

Hepatitis is acute when it lasts less than six months and Hepatitis is chronic when it persists for a long time. Some types of Hepatitis will pass over without giving any serious harm to the liver and in some cases, the liver can be damage means they can lead to liver failure.

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