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Male and Female infertility causes and cure

Male and Female infertility causes and cure

Infertility is found in every 1 out of 6 couples throughout the world and only men infertility is found in about 30% of infertility cases. It is the state of male or female unable to produce elements that help a woman conceive and the couple remains deprived of children. In ancient times the women were referred to be the only cause of a couple not having the child but the science has proved that both men and women have infertility problems. Following in this article you will get information about male and female infertility causes and cure:


Female Infertility Home Remedies

home-remedies-for-female-infertilityInfertility is when a couple cannot conceive (get pregnant) despite having regular unprotected sex. Some women get pregnant quickly but for others it can take longer. It is a good idea for a couple to visit their GP if they have not conceived after one year of trying. Women over the age of 36, and anyone who is already aware they may have fertility problems.

Home Remedies for Female Infertility :

  • Drink pineapple juice to quicken the healing process
  • The eggplant is highly precious in overcoming the female sterility. Tenderly cook the eggplants and eat with buttermilk every day for a month.
  • Application of mudpacks to the abdomen and sexual organs is also helpful.
  • A cold-water hipbath is also effective as it increases the circulation of blood and helps in getting rid of all kinds of sexual abnormalities.
  • Eat soaked almonds or soaked walnuts (you can grind them and add them to your vegetables).

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