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Causes of Cirrhosis of Liver

Causes of Cirrhosis of Liver


In cirrhosis of the liver, scar tissue replaces normal, healthy tissue, blocking the flow of blood through the organ and preventing it from working as it should.

Cirrhosis is a complication of many liver diseases that is characterized by abnormal structure and function of the liver. The diseases that lead to cirrhosis do so because they injure and kill liver cells, and the inflammation and repair that is associated with the dying liver cells causes scar tissue to form. The liver cells that do not die multiply in an attempt to replace the cells that have died. This results in clusters of newly-formed liver cells (regenerative nodules) within the scar tissue.Some of the Causes of Cirrhosis of Liver is as:

  • Chronic hepatitis C
  • Chronic hepatitis B and D.
  • Alcoholic liver disease.
  • Fat deposition in liver.
  • Certain Viruses.
  • Autoimmune hepatitis or liver diseases.
  • Inherited diseases.
  • Blocked bile ducts.
  • Drugs, toxins, and infections.

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