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Home Remedies for Dry Skin

Home Remedies for Dry Skin

Home Remedies for Dry Skin
Dry skin otherwise known as “Xeroderma” is a common skin problem. This is a condition in which the skin loses its moisture and it becomes scaly and harsh and also results in blisters and skin infections, if not properly taken care. Dryness is usually found in different parts of our body, which includes arms, legs, scalp, abdomen, feet and it varies from person to person. Dryness results in peeling of the upper skin causing uneasiness and itching. If wisely dealt with, this can be corrected with a handful of home remedies.

Causes of Dry Skin

The first thing we should deal with is the cause for this dryness of the skin. The factor that causes dryness can be either internal or external. Internal factors that cause dryness of the skin include health problems like thyroid, asthma, certain allergies, and atopic dermatitis. The external factors that cause dryness of the skin are extreme cold climate, lack of humidity, usage of harsh chemicals, soap and detergents. Despite all these, intake of certain drugs may induce dryness of the skin. Before treating the dry skin we should try to find out the exact cause of dry skin in that person. If cause ruled out is external, you would be lucky enough to know that it could be cured. And if it is internal, you should have a lot of patience because it may take time.

Symptoms of Dry Skin

There are various symptoms which indicate that you have dry skin. The appearance of flakes on your skin is one of the visible symptoms of dry skin. The itching sensation and the tightness of the skin soon after your bath also say your skin is dry and dehydrated. Symptoms appear according to the severity of the dryness of your skin. Fine lines that appear on your skin says that your skin needs to be moisturized and kept supple. Cracks, redness, and deep fissures are the results of more severe dryness. if not properly taken care this may end up really annoying. Cracks found on the skin might later develop into large sores and this will later get infected and you will have to go for a dermatologist. So it is better to take care from the beginning.

Home Remedies for Dry Skin

You will be surprised to find that your home is full of magical ingredients that can give you soft and supple skin. Most of the people experience dryness on their face due to overexposure to sun and wind. Rapid washing of your face with harsh soaps can add to the dryness. The first important step is to keep yourself hydrated enough. Drink lots and lots of water, fresh juice, and green tea.

Homemade Face Masks


Honey can regain the moisture content of your skin. Here is a face pack which can make your skin soft and glowing. Take two spoons of oats and add one spoon of honey to it. Make it into a fine paste and correct its consistency so that you can apply it easily on your face. The same mask can be used on your whole body after an oil massage a least once a month. This can do great benefit to your skin making it supple.

Aloe Vera and Olive

Aloe Vera can get rid of scales on your body, which is one of the symptoms of dry skin. Take a piece of aloe leaf and rub the gel directly on your face with gentle stroke for five minutes. This can exfoliate your skin removing the dead cells and keeping it moisturized. Instead of fresh leaf, you can also have Aloe Vera gel, which is available in the stores. Take a spoon of Aloe Vera gel and mix it with a spoon of olive oil and apply the mixture on your face for 10 minutes. Olive oil can treat the most extreme dryness of the skin.

Milk and Saffron

Saffron and milk cream pack can effectively remove the dryness of your face. Mix one spoon of milk cream and 4-5 splinters of saffron till it completely gets mixed with the cream. Apply this golden colored pack on your face for 30 minutes and wash it with a very mild soap (mild because harsh may make your skin dry again).

Almonds at Home

Have a handful of almonds at home? Then why worry about dry skin? Take 3 almonds and grind it into a fine paste. You can use milk while grinding, for the proper consistency. Apply it on your face whenever your skin feels dull and dry. Almond oil mixed with olive oil at equal proportion can be used as pre-bath oil for your whole body.

Pamper Your Body While Bathing

To moisturize your whole body you can try the small tricks while you bath. If you do not have time to oil your body, just add 5-6 drops of almond oil and a spoon of rosewater in the bathing water and have a refreshing and moisturized bath. Another method is to add a spoon of olive oil, a spoon of lemon juice and a spoon of glycerin in your bathing water just before your bath, can give you a spa experience with

lovely moisturized dryness free skin. You can get a really good moisturizing body cream with sufficient SPF to apply on your body soon after your bath. This can help you fight the dryness of your to a greater extent. Petroleum jelly mixed with the paste of almond in equal proportion is a magic cream that can be applied on your legs and feet to get rid of the dryness and cracked skin (apply a very thin layer so that your skin can breathe). For dry scalp mixture of olive oil and almond oil can regain the moisture and also can prevent further dryness. Going for henna treatment is also a good choice to get rid of dry scalp skin. Aloe gel massage can rejuvenate your scalp skin.

Internal Factors Causing Dryness.

It might let you down when you come to know that the internal factors are making your skin dry and dull. But do not give up. You can follow all the above masks and massages and make your skin wonderful. One more thing you can keep in mind is that you have to bring essential changes to your lifestyle. You can ask your doctor whether your medicines are causing dryness to your skin, but preference to your health first! The climatic conditions may vary from place to place. Take proper precautions before you go out in cold and let your skin dry out. You can have cold creams that suit your skin. Stay away from dust because dust may aggravate the dryness and itching of your skin. Most important of all is that you must hydrate your skin with lots of fluids. Water is not the only thing you need to drink the whole day. You can go for fresh juice especially carrot, watermelon, apple, mango, and skimmed milk. Green tea with honey is also a very good option for soft skin. Be careful while choosing to face creams and moisturizers. Look for the SPF in it. You must apply the moisturizing cream according to the dryness of your skin. It is advisable to apply the moisturizer twice a day, if possible as soon as after your shower.

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