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How to Know About Your Kidney Failure

How to Know About Your Kidney Failure

About Kidneys:

Our kidneys are a pair of organs located near our lower back in our body. Their main function is to filter the blood and remove the toxins from the body making our body healthy. Kidneys also make hormones, which helps in making red blood cells in the bone marrow and gives the strength to the bones.

If the kidneys will be unable to remove the waste from our body, then that waste that has been not removed can cause a chemical in the body, which can fatal in the body creating kidney disease problem more worst.

If your kidneys stop working properly near about below 15% from its normal working, then the person is suffering from kidney problem. Kidney failure is also known as Renal Failure, refers to the situation in which kidneys will no longer to be functions its entire task properly. People with kidney failure problem feels sick and having a low blood count in their body.

How Kidney failure patient knows about their disease:

As your kidney stops working effectively, the patient will feel some of the health problems at the start.

1. Headaches
2.Changes in urination, like decrease or increase
3.Shortness of breath
4.Blood in the stool
6.Feel tired and having a sleep problem
7.Having swelling either in legs, feet or ankles
8. Not feeling hungry, losing weight
9. Feeling muscle cramps, or weakness
10.Having pain in your joints
11.Having a stomach problem
12.Swollen or puffy face
13.Feels a change in the taste of the mouth

Health Problems Causes with Kidney Disease:

1.High Blood Pressure: High blood pressure cans damages to your kidneys.

2.Heart Disease: Kidney and heart disease both can cause by diabetes and high blood pressure. People with kidney disease have more chances of high blood pressure, and high blood pressure people have more chances of kidney disease.

3.Anemia: When the person is having a kidney problem, the kidneys don’t make enough EPO, hormones that help to make red blood cells. Red blood cells flow the oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body. The person with anemia gets less oxygen to their brain, heart and other organs. This will make people sick and weak.

4.Bones Disorder: Healthy kidneys balance the level of calcium in your body. With Kidney disease, the bones will become thin and weak. The patients will have joint pains in their body.

Kidney treatment by Ayurveda:

Treatment options totally depend on the causes of kidney failure. Most of the allopathic doctors suggested for dialysis after giving them a lot of treatment to the kidney patient.
But in Ayurveda, we provide the herbal medicine for kidney to the patient which will give Ayurveda kidney treatment with no side effects.
Aryanzherbal works under the name of Ayurveda center- Ayurveda Yogashram gives the best ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure.
We provide the renal care kit to the kidney patients and we have a successful record of those kidney failure patients those get treatment from us and get satisfied with our herbal products.

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