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Nasya - Karma Benefits

Administration of the medicines through nasal route is known as nasya. As this is the nearest root, the diseases related to head is best treated by this procedure. Shirovirechana, shirovireka and murdhavirechana are the other names of this procedure.

Depending upon the composition of the herbs used in the medication as well as variation in the pharmacological action the nasya is classified into different types.

Types of Nasya

Navana Nasya

The procedure of dropping the medicated oil into the nostrils is known by the name navana nasya. Depending upon the therapeutic action this is further divided into two as snehana nasya and shodhana nasya. Shodhana type of navana nasya is effective in clearing the accumulation of dosha in the head, and hence is also called by the name shirovirechana.

Administration of the shodhana form of navana nasya is beneficial in condition like heaviness in the head, head ache, chronic allergic rhinitis, anosmia, and epilepsy. 8,16,32 drops is the small medium and large dose of shodhana navana nasya repectively. In contrast to this 4,6 and 8 drops is the small, medium and large dose of snehana nasya repectively.

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