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Nightfall ( Nocturnal Emissions)

Definition :

The problem of ejaculating during night is known as nightfall or wet dreams. It is also known as nocturnal emissions or night discharge. It is mostly found in teenage boys and in some cases in adult males also. persons immediately awake up after nocturnal emissions.


According to Ayurvedic concepts, nightfall is due to Vata aggravation. Quickness is the main quality of Vata. Its sensitivity is increased by over thinking about sex. So for the curing of nightfall Vata should be cured and balanced. Overindulgence in sexual thinking, constipation, unhealthy diet, low water intake are also some of the main causes of the nightfall.

Side effects:

As such there is no side effect of night fall but excess of everything is bad, so some time it causes a feel of guilt, general weakness, change in hormonal balance, weak erection, pre mature ejaculation, low sperm count, depression, anxiety.


  • Mix Triphala powder in water. Keep it away for half an hour. Add a table spoon of pure honey. Have this in early morning daily.
  • Have sweet soup made from black gram. Mix black gram, rice, wheat and long pepper in equal quantities. Grind them to make powder. Fry the mixture in pure ghee and then cook it with milk. Eat after adding sugar to it.
  • Avoid hot, spicy and bitter foods.
  • Sleep at least for 8 hours a day.
  • Bow pose, fish pose, camel pose are very useful.
  • Antrik and Bahari kumbhak Pranayam are very useful.
  • Trying to practice Ashwani mudra is also very beneficial.
  • In Panchkarma Abhyaganam, Swdenam, Shirodhara processes are very useful.
  • Use herbal preparations to rejuvenate the reproductive organs and also improve the levels of testosterone hormone.


Regular exercise, meditation and breathing exercises relieve stress, depression and other psychological problems which can be a sure remedy for nocturnal emissions.

We give the best treatment for nightfall with higher success rate at our center AyurvedaYogashram. We provide nightfall healing kit for healing this. Various herbal combinations are used for this kit. It strengthens male reproductive system. It helps in male infertility and loss of libido. Helps men with erection, can help delay ejaculation, improve seminal viscosity, restore confidence and provide satisfactory libido.

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