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Prevention of Stress and Anxiety

prevention of stress and anxiety


Stress is body’s reaction to any change for pressure that requires, it may be fight or flight. It can be physical, mental or emotional factor that may cause bodily or mental dysfunction. Stress begins from where is a big question, and the answer to this is WITH OUR OWN THOUGHTS.  Our thoughts are just the smells either fragrance or stinky, depends upon what you are carrying within yourself. If it is fragrant then the environment around you seems to be favorable, happy, enjoyable and with lot or positivity but if your thoughts are stinky then not only inside but outside also. You will feel negativity; mind will be full of clutter. When you are in stress it will be clearly seen in your behavior, your actions, reactions, and most importantly it is going to affect your health in many ways.

prevention of stress and anxiety

Stress Causes:

As we are living in such a world where reality is less seen and fantasy is loved by all. We have to understand the difference between the two. The clearer we are with this thought the less stressed we will be. Let’s start one by one in which all ways we are getting into stress without our knowledge and affecting ourselves.

  1. RAT RACE COMPETITION: This is a world of competition as we all know it very well and it is not started when we are grown-up or into some jobs or business. The competition right started from the very beginning of our childhood. For e.g when the child is born the family starts planning about his future when he starts schooling every parent wants their child to be in first place, we as a parent are unknowingly putting pressure on our children which are becoming a stress for them.


  1. EXPECTATIONS VERSUS REALITY: This is majorly seen in families and in professional life. How expectations get different from reality? Suppose we are doing something for any member of our family and in return we expect him/her to do the same or to appreciate your work or do the same like in whatever way you are doing the things. This is what you have kept your expectations with them but in reality they didn’t do the same or they can take it as your behavior and have not reacted the way you have expected them to do there enters the stress in your family life.

stress treatment

Similarly in your professional life, like some people tend to do buttering to their boss or seniors just to be in their favorite list but in return for them you are like the other employees or colleagues, their this reaction which I think is pretty normal will put you in stress.


  1. DEADLINES & TARGETS: In the world of competition, to start any work with, we are provided with the deadlines and targets to be completed at a particular time. And to reach that deadline, day and night we are under stress to complete our project.


  1. Jealousy: It is another factor that is taking us towards stress. It tends to bring out the worse in us and we all are much aware of this. This is just the counting of someone else blessings instead of our own. When you feel jealous you are just showing your poor image, your lack of confidence, your doubts on your abilities or maybe your insecurity about any relationship.


  1. ILL HEALTH: As it is a well-said proverb that HEALTH IS WEALTH so if a person is dealing with some ongoing chronic problem or health issues, it can be a major cause of his/her stress.


  1. LACK OF MONEY: In this luxurious world we are slowly and gradually moving towards the dream world. We see people who are high in status, most of us are very dissatisfied with our own lifestyle. We want luxury, world tours and stardom lifestyle and in reality, when you are actually not able to get that and it is just because of your dissatisfaction with your life and with whatever you are earning, get you in stress.


  1. LONELINESS: A factor which is majorly seen in today’s world. The main reason behind this is Social Media. It is prevalent throughout society. This is experienced for many reasons such as lack of friendship, the physical absence of meaningful people around you or maybe due to homesickness.



There are so many symptoms in which one can feel under stress. It may be physically, emotionally, behavioral, cognitive such as Body Pains, Constipation or Diarrhea, Perspiration, High Heart rate, Low sexual drive, Loss of interest in all the activities you love to do in past, Anger, Loss of energy, Unhappiness & loneliness, Appetite alternation, Sleep changes, Procrastination, Low Concentration, Low Memory, Negativism etc.

 treatment for stress


Under stress, you are prone to so many diseases physically as well as emotionally such as

  • Heart Problems
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Overweight
  • Auto-Immune disorders
  • Psoriasis
  • Digestive Problems


Now after discussing so much about stress, we will now talk about its prevention as we all know that prevention is better than cure. Here are some quick and basic tips which can help you to keep stress at bay

  • Always keep a positive attitude. No matter what the situation is, try to find something good in it. You have to accept the fact that there are some events or situations that are not in your control so try to keep yourself relax.
  • Learn and practice yoga and meditation techniques, it will not only calm your mind but give inner strength to your physical well being as well. Exercise regularly to keep you fit. Take a balanced and healthy meal.
  • Take time for your hobbies, interests and to relax which includes your rest and proper sleep.
  • Learn time management skills which will help you to manage your work along with the time limit more efficiently.
  • Never try to rely on alcohol, drugs to reduce your stress level. It will indirectly going to put impact on you in many ways.
  • Pranayam is the best way to keep stress at par.
  • Take massage once in while for your total relaxation.
  • Make yourself your best friend because no one knows you better than you so try to spend one hour daily with your own self may be going for a walk or meditate or in whatever way you feel like.
  • Try to spend more time with your family rather than keeping yourself engrossed in social media.
  • Go for outings occasionally with family and friends.
  • Stay away from negative people and negativity.
  • Express your feelings rather than bottling then up and piling up the things in your mind.

By following these steps I can assure you that you will keep stress at a bay from yourself and lead your life towards a healthier and happier side.


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