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Symptoms of Facial Paralysis

Symptoms of Facial Paralysis

Symptoms of Facial Paralysis

Paralysis of one or both sides of the face. this can be paralysis of part of the face caused by non-functioning of the nerve that controls the muscles of the face, particularly the muscles around the eye and to the mouth. This nerve is named the seventh cranial nerve. The seventh cranial nerve features a predominant motor part which provides all muscles concerned with unilateral facial features.

It is a condition that causes temporary weakness or paralysis of the muscles in one facet of the face.

Symptoms of Facial Paralysis:

Facial paralysis usually affects one 1/2 the face. There’s a flattening of the affected 1/2 the face, with loss of the forehead wrinkles and horizontal lines, a droopy eyebrow, problem closing the attention, associate degree inability to whistle and therefore the corner of the mouth pulled down. Multiple recurrences of facial paralysis during a patient is also the sign or symptom of a serious sickness. Therefore, systemic diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and tumors which may cause seventh cranial nerve compression ought to be investigated in patients with recurrent disorder facial paralysis. Moreover, cases of recurrent disorder facial paralysis is also acquainted.

  • Irritation within the eye as a result of it does not blink and becomes too dry. Changes within the amount of tears the attention produces.
  • Drooling from one facet of the mouth. the number of saliva created changes.
  • Pain in front or behind the ear on the affected facet.

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