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Prevention of Stress and Anxiety

prevention of stress and anxiety


Stress is body’s reaction to any change for pressure that requires, it may be fight or flight. It can be physical, mental or emotional factor that may cause bodily or mental dysfunction. Stress begins from where is a big question, and the answer to this is WITH OUR OWN THOUGHTS.  Our thoughts are just the smells either fragrance or stinky, depends upon what you are carrying within yourself. If it is fragrant then the environment around you seems to be favorable, happy, enjoyable and with lot or positivity but if your thoughts are stinky then not only inside but outside also. You will feel negativity; mind will be full of clutter. When you are in stress it will be clearly seen in your behavior, your actions, reactions, and most importantly it is going to affect your health in many ways.

prevention of stress and anxiety

Stress Causes:

As we are living in such a world where reality is less seen and fantasy is loved by all. We have to understand the difference between the two. The clearer we are with this thought the less stressed we will be. Let’s start one by one in which all ways we are getting into stress without our knowledge and affecting ourselves.

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