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What is Asthma Disiease? Symptons and Causes of Asthma

Asthma is an illness mostly found in the patients who face difficulty in taking normal breaths. It is caused when the airways becomes narrow or swelled and extra mucus is produced which makes the breathing difficult sometimes triggering, coughing or short of breaths can be observed. It is seen in children as well as in adults. A person suffering from Asthma can affect his/her daily chores or activities.

asthma ayurvedic treatment
Symptoms of Asthma:

Many Asthma symptoms can be seen in the patients like frequent coughing, chest pain or choke up during up night or while doing any physical activity, short of breaths may be breathing through moth and taking deep breaths. The patient may also feel throat infection, fats heart rate etc. The symptoms may vary from person to person. There are various types of Asthma like allergic asthma, cough variant asthma, work-related asthma, nighttime asthma and health conditions that mimic asthma. It can’t be fully cured but its symptoms can be controlled by various ways.

asthma symptoms
Types of Asthma:

Asthma may be found in patients in different types like
 Childhood asthma: many children might get attacked by this disease may be due to over-sensitivity to things that cause allergy or second-hand tobacco smoke in which if a parent or any member of the family is smoking in front of the child and child is coming on contact with the smoke may cause asthma to the child. It can be genetic also. If the symptoms seen are mild it can be treated by proper medication and precaution.
 Adult-onset asthma: Asthma can affect a person at any stage of life. It may be because of their unhealthy lifestyle or smoking habits and most importantly if a person is obese he/she has more chances of getting affected by this disease.
 Occupational asthma: In this type of asthma the patient gets affected with his/her association with the occupation or work he/she is involved in. The person can get allergic to something which is present there at his/her workplace maybe it is baking, laboratory work, manufacturing factories, cleaning jobs, work at dusty areas.
 Severe asthma: In this type of asthma a person may feel more difficulty in breathing. These patients require proper medication, lot of precautions to keep them safe. They have to be very particular about the things that may cause allergy which can later result in poor breathing for them.
 Seasonal asthma: This type of asthma can be seen in person when there are climate changes or his/her surroundings are changed like if the person moves from native place to some other place for some days with a change in weather at both places, the person might get the problem. It may be observed during the change in season like from summers to winters and vice versa.
Below mentioned are the various causes for this disease:
 Allergies: It may be due to dust, pet dander or toxic chemicals.
 Smoking tobacco: It is the main reason for a person to be affected by asthma.
 Environmental factors: When there is a change in weather it might be fro summer to winter or maybe change in place the person can be affected if he/ she is not able to cope up with the climatic changes.
 Obesity: Being overweight and obese is also the main reason for a person to get Asthma, as the person becomes lazy and less physical activity is performed by him/her which in results the accumulation of fat inside.
 Pregnancy: As there are many hormonal changes in a female body during the time of her pregnancy, the female get affected by Asthma.
 Stress: When a person is stressed out his/her airways become inflamed and face difficulty in breathing.
 Genetics: Asthma can be genetic; if he/she has a family history of the disease then there are chances for the person to get affected.
 Atopy: It is a syndrome that is characterized by the tendency of a person who is hypersensitive. Such people are more prone to this disease.

asthma herbal treatment
As we know that asthma is not cured completely but it can be treated by many ways so as not get hindered in our daily routine life.
One of the treatments for asthma is identifying and avoiding the things or places which trigger your symptoms of asthma.
There are many medicines available which can be taken to reduce the risk of asthma attack. In allopathic, there are two types of medications available i.e. quick relief which includes the inhalers and the other one is long term medication.
In Ayurveda asthma is known as Tamak swasa, in which the patient is suffering by Vata- Kapha dosha. Through Ayurveda and yoga we try to balance both the dosha to cure the patient.
In Yoga there are many asans that will help the person to cure the disease upto an extend like Sukhasana, Savasana, set Bhandasana, Forward Bending pose, Baddhakonasana, Bhujangasana, Pranayama.
In addition to this in Ayurveda there are a variety of herbs available which can give relief to the asthma patient namely Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric, Honey, Licorice root, Omega 3s.
At Ayurveda Yogashram we have the combination of these herbs in the form of medicines which are really helpful for the patients to get relief from Asthma. The medicines are AZ Respicare, Caricuma and Reception. Caricuma is 95 % extract of curcumin.

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