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What is Tennis Elbow ? Causes and Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

what is tennis elbow


Tennis elbow, the other medical name for this problem is LATERAL EPICONDYLITIS. It is a painful condition seen in a person whose tendons, a thin part inside the body that joins the muscle to a bone, in the elbow are overloaded which is normally caused by the repeated motion and movement of the wrist and arm. These can be seen not only in athletes or sports been played by the racquets but it can also occur in the people who are into the jobs or profession in which they have to do the repetitive moves like plumbers, painters, carpenters and butchers. This usually happens when the forearm muscles and tendons are damaged by the overuse or repeated the same actions which lead to the pain and tenderness on the elbow outer area.

tennis elbow


Tennis Elbow is usually caused by the overuse, muscle strain injury and repeated activities of the forearm muscles when used for the straightening and raising the hand and wrist. This often led to the tiny tears in the tendons which are attached to the forearm muscles of the elbow. The name TENNIS ELBOW itself is mentioning that while playing tennis a player ahs to use repeatedly the backhand stroke and if used in a poor technique becomes the cause for this problem. Other common arm movements in different activities can also cause this problem like

  • Using of plumbing tools
  • Making strokes while doing painting
  • Screwdriver tools
  • Chopping up the ingredients especially meat.
  • Too much usage of the mouse.
  • Even auto workers can be affected


The symptoms of this disease is increased gradually which can get worsen over the weeks and months if not taken precautionary measures at the right time.  The most common symptoms seen in  a person when he/she is suffering from tennis Elbow is the pain or the burning sensation on the outer part of the elbow and also the grip of the person gets weakened.

Tennis elbow treatment


Below mentioned are the factors that may increase the risk of getting tennis elbow problem

  • First is the age of the person as this problem is often seen in adults between the age of 30 -50.
  • The people who are in the jobs where they have to repeated use their wrists and forearm muscles like plumbers and all are likely to have more risk factors on this problem.
  • The sports that involve racquets increase the risk factor of tennis elbow.
  • If the person is not taking the right equipment and right techniques for their respective job and sport also increase the risk in having the tennis elbow problem.


The following measures should be taken at the initial stage only to prevent from getting this problem:

  • When a person starts having the pain on the outer part of the elbow then he/she should reduce their playtime.
  • The person should do necessary measures to strengthen the muscles of the forearm.
  • The appropriate use of equipment is must for all sports as it prevents the person from getting injured.
  • One should not do the repetitive pulling and lifting the weights or heavy objects.
  • Try to keep yourself in good physical shape.


When a person is getting the above-mentioned symptoms he/she should immediately consult a doctor. The problem can be diagnosed by the doctor may diagnose the problem either by putting little pressure on the affected area or may ask you to do various arm and wrist movement to get an idea of the problematic area. If the problem is not diagnosed by this then the doctor may prescribe the person to go for an x-ray or any type of imaging test.

ayurvedic treatment for tennis elbow


Some of the home remedies or change in lifestyle can be taken to cure the problem at the initial stage:

  • The person should take proper rest and avoid the activities that increase the pain.
  • There are many pain relievers available that may suppress the pain.
  • An ice-cold pack application may be helpful.
  • A proper technique should be used for the activities and repetitive movements should be avoided.


Normally the tennis elbow problem gets better on its own but if not the consultation of the doctor is must who can suggest you some of the medication or therapies for the betterment and in some cases in which the problem is worsened then some surgical or other procedures can be prescribed by the doctor. There may be therapies involved like incorporating of few exercises like stretching of muscles, a strap can be helpful.

Other surgical procedures may include injections in which the platelet-rich plasma is injected at the painful tendon.

Then there can be an option of dry needling.

One of the procedures is ultrasonic Tenotomy in which the damaged tissues are liquefied by the ultrasonic energy which vibrates the needle and damaged tissue is sucked out.

Last is surgery which is the last option in which the person is not showing any kind of improvement after 6 – 12 months of time. Then through the surgery, only the damaged tissues are removed.

tennis elbow treatment and medicine


Ayurveda, an ancient medical science comprising of two words Ayur + Veda which means the science of life. This system of medication is more than 5000 years old and is not only been used in India but now has reached other countries as well. The whole study of Ayurveda is based on three doshas in our body which are Vata, Pitta and Kapha, whenever there is any imbalance found in these three, it may lead to many diseases.

In Ayurvedic terms, the tennis elbow problem is related with the Snayugata vata. There are ayurvedic herbs available that help in healing the damaged tissues either by the medicated herbal oils or through herbal extracts in the form of medication.

At Ayurveda Yogashram we have medicated oil relievers as well as the herbal medicated products to overcome this problem. The products available with us are.


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